Most stupid Stuff

Rather most funny posts are gonna be in here. This is what I do, I write Humor, and here’s the best of What I write.

1. E-D-U-C-A-T-I-O-N

One Of the Most Popular Posts at the start of this Blog. This Post made the blog the little following this Blog has. And it was Selected For BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Pic.

2. Why My Blog Doesn’t Run Well

Just when I started wondering Why my Blog wasn’t as successful as tons of other blogs I’ve seen out there, I wrote this post, In February 2010, its the Best Post I have.

3. Para Normal Activities

With only three posts in March 2010, I still managed to get a quite funny post. Its of Monjulika, Ami Je tomaar, and real life mystery. Something funny always comes up in my life.

4.  The Daily Earth Hour

This post got me another one of those tangy Tuesday picks. Describing Power Cuts in my own sarcastic way.

5. Cause We All Just Wanna Be Big Rockstars

In May 2010, it was a month of whacking and as a part of a BlogAdda contest I chose to whack music wannabes who even before they become Rock Stars or anything remotely close, start to act like one.

6. Comedians in disguise (C.I.D)

Perhaps one of the most popular posts of mine @ Indiblogger. This post is a collection (some of which are my stuff too) of Jokes based on a TV Show which is Aired on Sony Tv India, C.I.D.

7.  You Say You Want a Revolution

Political Sarcasm is something I’ve always dreamed of writing, and as the political position of  West Bengal was being Uglier by the second due to a large number of useless strikes, I had to do Something, and I wrote a post about it.

8. Fools And Regulations

Experience of my first few days in an Engineering College. Rules and the by-rules that we made for ourselves.

9.  That Little Square Device

A Post that took my blogging experience to the Next Level. Got me The Biggest Prize that was up for grabs @ Indiblogger. Won me the Share Life Contest there and made me Super Happy.

10. No, We Can’t

Another Political sarcasm, a comedy on the biggest visit of the most powerful person on the Planet. When Obama came to India, I took an imaginary interview of him, which even made me Laugh.

So, now that you’re here don’t forget to read these stuff. You’d be missing out the best of “Stupified” if you miss these.

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