About S-T-U-P-I-F-I-E-D

Stupidity is the best thing given to us by the Gods. Don’t believe me? Okay lets recall the stupidest friend u had in your life. Recall how many times u laughed just by looking at him/her.

Think about all the stupid sentences he/she said…and I think that could make you a full hearty 5 mins of laughter.

Sometimes under immense pressure those 5 minutes make your entire day better. Sometimes those moments of stupidity makes you feel good about yourself. Sometimes your STUPID friends are the best friends you have.

This Blog is dedicated to all that stupidity scattered all around us. Its not a blog that provides you information or teaches you great things about life. Neither does this blog turn Vulgar and abuse. No this blog is plain and simply S-T-U-P-I-D.  Yet, somehow you feel like holding on to the Lameness in this environment. Don’t ya?

Remember to keep it simple and Stupid.



BlogAdda said this about me

This blog is not where you will find solutions to your daily problems. Also not a blog where you will see fashion, gossip, etc. This is a stupid blog. A blog dedicated to all that stupidity scattered all around us. Meet Rakesh Guha the author of this blog & as he says, keep it stupid! 😉


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