How to disappear completely in times of trouble!

People have always wondered how the Warner Bros. cartoons disappear in a POOF! and they can’t, in times of trouble. Admit it, you’ve always wished you were the Road Runner, or if you are the Coyote type you’ll love it when I post about how to be a Super villain(it will be the next article). So, without further ado I’ll post 10 awesome ways to disappear!

1.The master of disappearing is the Chameleon, and you can’t deny that. So, according to the Collected Wisdom of the Fools org, the first requirement will be-

In order to disappear, you must appear the same as the background!

You must master the art of camouflage if you’ve got to disappear. Here’s an example.

How disappearing helps you!

Camouflage man helps foil a robbery plan!

2. Install jet propellers into your bags-

An easier way is just to fly away from any awkward situation, if you are in a mood to sleep with the Birds then you’ll just need two jet propellers rightfully installed in your backpack. The EVIL MASTERMINDS Inc. will be delighted to offer you the service,there’s a special discount if you can show how brutal you’ve been in any of the brutal video games available in the market!

In order to fully disappear, height can not be something you fear!

Here’s an example and how to picture:

man flying to the moon

3. How to disappear in a party-

This tip specifically helps you to go through the parties you have to attend because of your family but you really don’t want to attend. I guess you don’t need to figure it out, just be your charming avoiding self, who wears their Grammy’s Hand sewn old sweater and quietly sits in the corner, offering weird smiles to everyone!

If Your party needs you to disappear, your charisma must stay far from here!

there’s no special Youtube video lesson for this, here’ how it should go though :

4. The Disappearing Act-

This tip is only for the volunteers of the magic shows. When the stupid magician traps you inside a box and utters meaningless words like Abracadabra you have to master your kung fu techniques and kick the box’s behind, get out and run, and run like hell! Then when he tries to make you reappear, he’ll actually find you to be disappeared!

If Kung Fu is strong, disappearance will be Long!

Here’s a how to picture:

5. Be the cameraman of a NAT-GEO show:

As all the credits of most of the NAT GEO shows basically go to the narrator or the show hosts, you as a cameraman can roam through the jungles of Africa, dancing with the TRIBEStars you’ll be invisible as ever!

I’m sure I can’t give you an how to for this!

The Longer the lens, the more the disappearance!

6. The under the bed business-

People always try to hide under the bed for some reason or the other, you can be the same or you can behave like a ninja!

Step1: Build a doorway that leads to the ground floor from your first floor bedroom!

Step2 : When an evil spirit appears go under the bed and go to the ground floor! The evil spirit will have no idea where u went!

A well dug Hole, can save your Soul!

Here’s a how to picture:

7. Be the Drummer :
If you are a musician and you want to disappear even while you are amongst a cigarette smoking , heroin addicted crowd disappearance is easy. The high on life people will anyways won’t know what and who is in front of them, on top of that if you are the drummer of a band then the chances of you being famous is skinny and you being close to disappear is Large!

8. Dump your Job and become a Cab Driver:

As the Sherlock series has proved to you, the most invisible and hence invincible person amongst all general population are the cab drivers. Nobody notices them, while making love on the backseat or admiring the city’s architectural beauty!

9. Go to Japan, Buy an Invisibility Cloak:

10. Be an anonymous blogger:

Anonymous bloggers who use different names just for the sake of blogging are invisible and can be easily swept away from the face of the earth! Scared much?

Anyways, these secrets are all classified and shared with you because I don’t want to scam you like some internet company defrauded this poor guy!


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