Space-hiker’s Guide to Melbourne

Declaration: Before reading this and going into this think of yourself as a Space Hiker, i.e. someone who travels through space just as an observer of species. Just go along with it, hope you have a fun ride.

Day 1 :

To all the fellow Hikers reading this, hopefully this journal would be helpful enough for your future visits to the planet earth to explore and observe the habitat of humankind. For the sole purpose of observation of life in planet Earth, I chose a continent ( Australia) with a huge number of different life forms as opposed to anywhere in the world. When it came down to choosing a specific part of the continent, I chose the city Melbourne for it has a perfect mix up of humankind and their spirit, and we will surely be successful to capture their thought patterns and how they pursue daily life.

As of now, I’m on a thing that they call an “Aircraft” which by the looks of it flies faster than sound withing the earth’s atmosphere. I guess they are a little left behind in terms of technology, and I bet they still think light goes the fastest (wait till they see our “Aircraft”). Anyways, as the earthlings say it, “When in Rome… Do as the Romans do.” I’m expected to be arriving in Melbourne soon, I’ll continue the log after I reach there.

Day 2:

I have been here for one full day now, that consists of 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness, although it seems that the people here do not sleep, or I wonder when do they because whenever I am looking I am finding various activities going on down there. By far, my experience has been pleasant. I have explored a few parts of the city and I started from one of the most celebrated spots of the city, The Federation Square.

As you can see, that is a picture of what modern day architecture looks like on planet earth and it somewhat amazed even me, this architecture is so random yet so stable and is truly a wonder to us, its hard to believe that mankind has so much potential even though it has so less technology compared to us.

Then as I continued to roam around the city in vehicles called “Taxi” or “Cab”  I stumbled upon the part of the city where they keep variety of animal species found on earth in metallic cages. I was amazed to see half of my work was done, the place was called “The Melbourne Zoo”. As I gazed upon the different animals and noted down everything I saw, I was amazed to experience another phenomenon that is rare for us to see. I saw or rather heard an out of this galaxy communication system, that the people here call “Music” which was played in open air and everybody had a sense of synchronicity. Believe me or not, I felt like going along with it too. I did know about the zoo, but I never expected to experience live music there. We ought to have some of those in outer space. I’m putting up  a picture for everyone to drool on.

While returning to my temporary residence here in Melbourne  I had a craving for earthly cuisines and I was more than happy to find another mode of transport called “Tram” and I was amazed to see you can dine in there too. I looked outside and I could see that I could observe the city while eating , so the Tramcar Restaurant was pretty impressive too. Here’s a live picture :

Day 3:

I decided that I had enough of the city and people and now it was time to explore into some wildlife and see what the real nature of Melbourne and this continent had to offer. It was just a matter of time till I was directed to got to the Melbourne Aquarium and could see how life in earth underwater survives, and it was a mind blowing sight, I was learning so much about the earth that I felt really happy here. Then i headed out to Werribee Open Range Zoo where I could spot different animals in their habitats perfectly preserved and was able to note down important aspects of research. Here’s an image of the aforesaid aquarium :

While returning from the aforesaid places I decided to look for places like museums where they keep all the human history alive, I was able to only explore the Melbourne Museum that explained the heritage of the city, there were also museums like the Chinese Museum, Aviation Museum, Sports Museums etc. that are present in the city which offers a broad view of the people of Melbourne and the heritage if the communities. This was an inspiring trip.

Day 4:

Being the last day at Melbourne I decided to bring back memories from the city and the planet. So I went to the celebrated Queen Victoria Market to see the true multicultural essence of the city and bought some gifts of varied genres each a reminder to my experiences here. the people were lovely, the food was great, humankind has achieved so much in this short period of time that it amazed me. I was also moved by the behavior that they showed towards me. Although I was in disguise, it was pleasant to see the harmony that these species live in.

The shopping took away all the stamina I had for the day, I had to save up some for the next trip to some other galaxy, so at night I only stared out at the stars from the banks of Yarra river that reminded me I had other places to explore, more things to be amazed about every other day. My experience was great in this city and I think every space hiker should experience this city because it’s your time to visit Melbourne now and discover what other wonders the city holds.  Melbourne was great, but my work needs to go on, for the betterment of the Galaxy.

This Post was a part of It’s Your time to Visit MELBOURNE contest organised by Indiblogger and Tourism Victoria. For More information about the city of Melbourne and travelling there please click on this link :

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