Why Contests are Confusing (A stupid man’s guide to contests)

Contests and confusions both start with “C”. So what? There are near about 1,75,000 more things that starts with a c. Oh! was the number a little too big?

Myths that the contest organizers will tell you :

1. Content is King.

2. All you have to do is perform better and you could win.

3. It doesn’t matter how popular you are as long as you perform well.

Staying in the process for too long, I personally have experienced many things in this vast and corrupt country. From band competitions being rigged to blog competitions, everything is possible. Not that I am saying they are rigged, I am saying that is a possible factor.

There are often people confused about results of contests held in various places. Everybody deserves to win something. Those who didn’t even participate will have a feeling that if only he.she would have participated, he/she would have wrote the best effing thing the world has ever seen. And imagine the prize in their hands and go all rainbows and butterflies in the background.

Here’s where it gets tough for the organizers too :

1. Everybody wants to win.

2. Everybody wants to win….. Awesome prizes.

3. Everybody thinks they are deserving.( Even the guy who says “I is guitar”, must deserve something for knowing the words, I,is and guitar.)

4. Everybody applies to win, and the numbers ain’t small.

Hence, they need solutions. So in order to solve these problems the organizers come up with various ideas.


1. The one that’s most popular must have done something deserving to be popular. (even if it involves chatting up with the right people, and Amul Butterify them.)

2. The one that helps the business, generates most referrals, must be awarded something.

3. Hide a trick in the prizes to promote some other business, that way the sponsors can make money too. After all “Paise ke liye, Paise hi toh chahiye”.

So after all what is the stupid man supposed to believe?

1. Popularity is king. (Butter up and spread.)

2. Perform anything to please the heated mind (on which you can make an omlette) of the judges and you might manage to gain the prizes in the lower order.

3. You can never win anything, you can just pay taxes for the prizes which will not mean anything to you (that is if anyhow you manage to get some prize).

The Messiah :

And if there ever was Noah who built the arc, and if there existed a genie who helped Alladin in all sorts of way, you can always trust contests which are up for grabs at INDIBLOGGER. (Oh no! I am not amul butterifying them, just making a statement.) They have been the light at the end of a tunnel, and they are glowing brighter. Keep making such contests, and keep doing awsome judgements, I am proud to say you guys keep it real!


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