The Ultimate Family Moment (United around a box)

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Oh I remember it as if it was yesterday (though it really was yesterday) I had a terrific time with my family. I had to travel far and wide (from the first floor to the ground floor) to meet my family. We were all united in the couch for a rare (read daily) occasion of togetherness in front of our beloved idiot box (yes, I am talking about the DTH box, cause LCD TVs these days can be called anything but Boxes).

Mom was tired after a hard day in the office, and we all gathered to indulge in the sweet richness of the afternoon quota of Tata Tea. Nobody was moving around. The TV remote was doing what it does best, lying calmly in some corner of the couch which nobody notices and blending in the surroundings like a chameleon. So that in the time of need like this nobody would be able to find it.

Dad was calmly sitting looking at me and Didi while we looked at each other and had nothing to say to each other, instead we took another sip of the tea. Dad slowly moved his hand and discovered the remote under a cushion and turned the TV on. And some guy in the news channel was screaming about something that happened to a monkey in some zoo. (for a moment there I mistook the man for the monkey since he was screaming like one)

Didi shared another glance with me, I looked calm and relaxed because I knew as long as Dad was there nobody could get the remote from him. I took another sip, Mom opened the newspaper.

Soon Dad got tired of the TV and wanted to ditch the remote to go out, Dad was seriously seeing a lot of news since he retired last month, he had nothing else to do and he was turning out to be a genius at current events, which bothered me sometimes but that’s another story.

Anyhow me and Didi both exchanged killer looks and focused our eyes(by making them small like the Chinese people) on the remote solely. We watched the remote fall on the table in ultra slow motion and jumped for it as soon as it was placed on the tea table. Didi snatched it on a swift of her hands, my hands followed and the fact that I couldn’t get the remote before she did made me mourn like David Beckham when he missed the world cup penalty. Although I wasn’t ready to give up.

I warned her “Didi, give me the remote, I have a movie to watch! ”

Didi replied  ” Nobody cares about your stupid movies, I’ve got a thing to watch myself. Why don’t you go study or something.”

Without wasting more time on unnecessary conversations I jumped on her like a WWE wrestler jumps from to top of a cage and tried to snatch the remote out of her hands. After all I couldn’t bear stupid soaps, Pirates Of the Caribbean was on, and I had to see the movie. But although I made such brave attempt like this, all my efforts failed as Didi held the remote higher than my reach.

In a desperate attempt to get me off of her she started what is called a cat-fight (thank God that she didn’t punch like a wrestler does) and within all the commotion raised a new hero who put an end to all the fighting and mischief.

Mom rose to the occasion and took the remote from us and said “Another fight huh! Go to your rooms. Oh and remember, since you fought, No dinner!! ”

Mom was surfing the channels between soaps and news. I thought ” Why don’t moms watch IPL? If only my Mom would watch IPL I’d crown her coolest mom of the year everyday! “

Oh the agony of no dinner!!! It was 8.30 p,m and there was still no food.

Hell!!! what are we gonna do now, no food!!! Its like apocalypse on earth!!

Then me and did exchanged another look of immense hatred against each other and was fighting a battle over who has a meaner look that can kill.Mom was watching over both of us refraining us from the fight. Meanwhile dad called Mom. All we heard mom say on the phone was :


“As you wish.”

“They are punished.”

“I don’t know if its right, you always act this way.”


She hung up. Still unsure if we were getting food or only food for thought, who knew. The anger turned into sighs and sighs turned into hunger pangs and at about 10.30 dad entered the house with four packets of chilli chicken and fried rice.

Yay! Dinner!!

Long live dad!

And all of us went to bed like fallen soldiers.

Memories like these are made everyday but when we will be far away stuck in some “situation” we will remember these  moments, think about these times and wonder how easy we had it all. After all there is no such thing as a special memory, its always an usual one which turns into a special memory if it comes in touch of loneliness.

Picture courtesy : Cheeseburger.


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