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There is no reason not to drink lemonades in these days just like there is no reason not wear cool shades. I really don’t know what’s the relation between lemons and glasses but I wrote it because both of them remind me of summer.

In the process of writing this post, I remember a balloon-walla at the famous Esplanade more of Kolkata selling balloons wearing heart shaped sunglasses. And I thought not everyone needs to use the aviators to sell themselves.

But I do remember the first time I saw the aviators in action. It was some old school Hollywood movie where a cop was chasing a criminal in a speeding car wearing the aviators. More than the speeding cars or the flying bullets the aviators impressed me. That does not necessarily mean that I have no testosterone or adrenaline whatever. (who cares about biology anyway!!)

The Look – Now if I am wearing aviators there are four things I absolutely need to match it. I’m gonna need  –

  1. A Royal Enfield/Harley Davidson
  2. A leather jacket.
  3. Jeans
  4. Leather half Gloves.

I know its a cliched look and what not, but I believe that the aviators were born for the road, the wind and the sun, and the road is where it shall belong to.

Even when I’m not wearing it , the aviators in my hand or pocket shall reflect a class of its own.

Here’s a view of the bad ass cop glasses and me

Then again, while its good to be on the road being wild and free and learning something every inch of the road, we all have to tell the stories we gather on the road. I believe there’s a storyteller in all of us, and that reminds me of how I first encountered my second favorite type of sunglasses, the wayfarers.

Remember how I was telling how everyone is a story teller, well these glasses were the all time company for one of the greatest storytellers of this century perhaps, Mr. Bob Dylan. I was just describing the road, the heat and every inch of black hard road, but Bob Dylan’s words will hit you more than the road can. The thin young man with the black square glasses inspired me and millions of other people worldwide, and while I am on stage telling my story, my life I wanna be just like him, at the least I can wear his glasses.

The Look – Again, I’ll need denims, a white T-shirt that says something abusive to institutionalism of the mind and my guitar.

My Storyteller look with a modern punch to the wayfarers:

Here’s the details of the glasses I used:

The first Glass is a Ray Ban Aviator :


Frame Shape Aviator
Frame Material Titanium
Product Type Sunglass
Warranty 1 Year(s) Warranty
Frame Type Full
Frame Size 58
Frame Colour Gold , Gold
Lens Colour Green
Bridge/Vertical/Temple 14/50/125
Colour No. 001/51
Product code: RB375GL58
Size Eye Bridge VerticalB Temple
LG 58 14 50 125

The Second one is a Ray Ban Wayfarer, here’s the details :


Frame Shape Wayfarer
Frame Material Shell
Product Type Sunglass
Warranty 1 Year(s) Warranty
Frame Type Full
Frame Size 60
Frame Colour Black , Black
Lens Colour Grey
Bridge/Vertical/Temple 15/47/145
Colour No. 601/32
Product code: RY39BL60
Size Eye Bridge VerticalB Temple
LG 60 15 47 145

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