Her Higness Arrives (*pa pa ra pa ppa*)

In the kingdom of all stupid people, accidentally came a girl. Conquered the land with her wits and ever clever endeavors. And her highness shall reign these barren stupid lands till the day we all become smart. (That’s like a million light years in stupid time) (1 min of which is equal to 5 mins of real time.)

Jokes Apart, We’ve got a new visitor, a new writer, contributor, suggestion giver and a very wise person.

Please Welcome, my friend, Sudeshna Mukhopadhyay as she will be joining the blog from today and make it alive and aloud again. Let stupidity prevail.

One thought on “Her Higness Arrives (*pa pa ra pa ppa*)

  1. And to the master of all stupid wise-men, my kudos…
    though the land may appear barren, but who knows what a fertilizer can gain!
    For stupidity has always been a glorified issue, and i thus feel no pain and again, it’s all my gain!

    (Here, i join you guys…. happy blogging!)

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