Roadies Day Out (Roadies 9 Kolkata Auditions)

Stupid people stick their tongues everywhere and get stuck on ice. I got to stick my nose on to something cooler than ice and hotter than the soup that’s still in the making. I am of course talking about the MTV Hero Roadies Kolkata auditions organized at Swabhumi, Kolkata.

As we all know, auditions in reality shows are pretty boring with big queues to go everywhere, drink water, or sign up on facebook! Everything is so damn crowded, but this was no singing talent show mockery, there were no bullshit drama involved and so I breathed relief into myself.

I act weird around people when they aspire to be a roadie, I go on asking stupid stuff and spotting people who look exactly like Raghu and take awesome interviews! (not awesome at all on my part)

Anyhow, in the meanwhile we were pretty excited to see the press pass, and we laughed at each other saying we are gonna roam around like VIPs while dudes with 10 inch steroid fed muscles and a million dollar bank balance are gonna get nervous and sweaty!

All in all the place was crazy, and jumping and pumping, while people in the auditorium were sitting and waiting for their GDs , people were having fun too where a lot of activities like dancing and stuff was happening… but that hardly impresses right, I mean we came for Raghu, Rajiv and Rannvijay right.

Then Suddenly Gayatri from MTV called me up and asked us to meet the great trio and Bani J in the production room! That was the moment of the day when we got into the production room. Every room that allows privacy seems like backstage now! And we soon got over the starstruck thing, and Bani J told me she liked my T-shirt! 🙂 I should have asked her to go shopping with me! But well, nevertheless I confirmed that I saw Rannvijay in Pune, while I was roaming aimlessly on the streets.

Then the focus shifted to Raajiv when he was taking about his blogs, and asked us to go read it sometimes! I probably would but then again I would never tell anyone that I read that!

After all that was over, we hung around a little bit longer observing big lines in GD rooms and frowny faces, and people talking shit about things they don’t know about. Frankly I met a lot of people there who were crazy and outta their freaking heads! But I guess that’s how roadies is …..crazy and outta the box you can handle!

While I was leaving the building I already made friends with people I barely know. And most importantly Had been to an event millions of youngsters dream to be a part of . It felt awesome. Lemme leave you with some awesome pics of the event.

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10 thoughts on “Roadies Day Out (Roadies 9 Kolkata Auditions)

  1. 1 entry kafi lambe samye se try kar raha huu gd deta huu clear nahi kar pata huu ……….
    asa koi compalsary nahi hai jo gd clear par kare ga wo hi Roadies me age bare ga pls …….
    me last 5 yr se try kar raha hu me

    me apni puri kosish karuga task sucesful karne ki
    plssssssss mujhe bahot acha lagta ki me kuch bhi karuu OR
    LOG us kam ki tarif kare or respect de*****

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