The North And The South and The East

We Bongs have decided on Something, We’ll call a strike for 48 hours (just before the weekend, so we’d get 4 free days) for not involving Bongs in one of the most trending twitter topics at this Moment. “Cholche Na ….Cholbe Na”.. (everybody joins in On the Chorus)

I recently read the #openletter and some quick witted replies to that, and I was sad. Not because everything that has been happening around Delhi, yes I was bothered a little, but the facts that needs much more attention is that we Bongs had no part playing in this epic India wide melodrama where almost every city was  involved. Bangalore, Mumbai was up for consideration while we sat on the couch licking Mishti Doi from the earthy container called Bhar!

Here’s what worse, we bongs don’t do anything anymore, we dont ask people out, bengali girls being too beautiful for their male counterparts ask the millionaire marwari guy with SUVs and Ninjas to have a coffee with them, while the male population of her age waste their time on studying… yet somehow they fall behind their Bihar/UP counterparts in  the race to IITs and IIMs.

While the failed scientists cramp up  government offices, the arts students of the city gather around Nandan and smoke weird stuff and suddenly complete a crash course on direction and wait for their Mumbai based Actress friend’s call to direct an advertisement for her.

We laugh on both Rajnikanth Jokes and Santa Banta forwarded texts and flatter our wits dipping our fingers in Rosogollas. We hit on girls sitting on a wooden bench in the local tea shop..sipping the ever so refreshing merged down and water added form of Darjeeling tea. And whenever someone comes forward the gang that was making comments flee like fallen soldiers in a warfare leaving only one absent minded friend behind to take all the blame and bow his head in shame.

Oh and racism, we have dark skinned fair skinned and chocolate skinned and vanilla skinned people all around! We do experiments on the dark skinned people by putting them in a room with no light bulbs and make them smile and check if their teeth gets any reflection. We spot hippies on Park Street and play the Guessing game on how much high they are ..and how many pots they have smoked!

And as per the English speaking Bengali community…. we add an O to everything and yet be proud of it, cause it adds a little cuteness to such a sharp language.

And don’t worry, if you  crank up a million jokes on us after reading this, we’ll not come back hard at ya, cause muscles and gym are not our thing… we take pride on the muffin top and savor it as an asset… so we’d work some stupid jokes up there and fill it with adequate amount of sarcasm and present it to you in the form of revenge!

Every story has an ending…. and every article must have a punch line… here’s what I think.. I think that this whole open letter thing was just a hype to increase the book sales of “2 states” by Chetan Bhagat. (nobody asked for my opinion anyway) Besides we have lots of Puja work to do, Durga puja is not so far away. (Again four days of fun laughter and hitting on girls in a decent way. )

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