Summer To-Do List

Its been a year since I got admitted in the stupid engineering college of ours. And although life has been a living hell since and everything went upside down.. I still managed to Stay and spend a year in that God Forsaken place.  And Finally got a break from studies… and I now have 2 months of summer in front of me,  where the clocks stopped working. Who said You can’t make time stop…. If you are free and not bound by any sort of chains.. Time Stops and you can make it by doing anything you want. Hence now I want to make a list of things that I Want to do in the next few months….


1. Ditch the Kid I’ve been tutoring.. The Only chain that’s still hanging.

2. Get new strings for the guitar.

3. Join The SUMMER JAM at a friend’s place.

4. Update the playlist of the Ipod.

5. Pack for Pune.

6. Get Metallica Concert Tickets.

7. Stop arguing with Mom.

8. Stop eating too much.

9. Get to the Ground again.

10. Drink Loads o’ Beer.

11. Will not deny the High expectation.

12. Learn how to host a site without loosing a penny.

13. Enter the new Blogging Contest @ IndiBlogger.

14. Scream in Pune Hard Rock Cafe.

15. Record a First ever Song.

16. Be Rude to some People.

17. Watch TV and fall asleep watching.

18. Poke a MANU fan about the Barca game and eat his brain out.

19. Continue with a story called 29 Nights.

20. Buy Specs that don’t match my look and yet make it look like I’m pulling it off. 😀

A thousand more wishes wont fit in here.. besides… I dont wanna use the desktop anymore. Soon am gonna be the owner Of a New Laptop… so will only Blog From the new Laptop now…. And am impatiently waiting for the day!

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