The Government Is Running

I’m sure that you’ve heard a Bob Dylan Song, and wondered how does he write all these songs in such an easy manner. Well I’m not Dylan, But I sure am looking at what’s happening around me. Here’s a Lil something I Came up with.

You wake up at 5 in the afternoon,

And the first thing that you look for is booze,

These empty stacks don’t look so fine,

And the off shop is just two steps behind.


On the road there you see a pretty girl,

And you take her to the fancy mall.

She wants you to buy her,

The whole Wide world…

But you cant even buy onions these small…


They are giving out the license

To all and Sundry

You just wish that you had the cash

To buy a Mercedes or Hyundai

But at this time of joblessness,

Even the Nano Seems so Far away….


But you know some people, who always find their way….


And The Government is running,

The Government is running…

The fireworks and the Billion dollar balloon

Its just Commonwealth Thats burning,

Its just Commonwealth Thats burning,

And the Government is running.

And the Government is running…


2 thoughts on “The Government Is Running

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