Blog-O-Sphere Difficulties (In The Beginning)

And I thought building a community was easy, well the building part was pretty easy. But the making it popular part is not. As we all know a few days back Indian blog-o-sphere took a hit as a site was marked as not trustworthy and hence these community sites are being seen with a cautious eye.

When everyone was sighing about what happened and that it took them by surprise, I reassured the child in me that I can make something and I will. In three months now, I have built a website of my own, with absolute zero funding, self-designed, which included a lot of experimentation and finally I made it possible. Before my eyes there was a website full of potential but it lacked something. Sometimes later I realized that the only thing it lacked some users.

Since that moment I have been using my friends in Facebook and Twitter to Publicize my Community but for a lack of an abnormally large network its still lacking users. By the way, if you think this post is advertisement, you are so wrong. I don’t need to publicize my site, if it doesn’t run well, I’d be happy to shut it down, it was after all my contribution to all my friend in the Indian blogging circle who have been awesomely supportive to me in my one year life as a blogger and from whom I have received great influences which helped me in various ways.

So, its not and Ad, its just a confession that I want to make here. I knew the risk I was taking, and I thought I could Handle it. I’m writing it down, because If I ever be a successful man I’d then read this stuff and laugh at myself, not in the distant future hopefully.


And Lets hope we face different kinds of difficulties next.

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