The Blog-O-Sphere

I have many friends and a good number of them virtual. I wouldn’t say I know many people from the blogging world but  I will say I know some of them, and they know some more…and they know even more people who blog. There’s a network, and a network needs community.

On the various blogging disasters these days there was a big one.And I have taken inspirations from the controversy and selected to establish a community for the bloggers who wish for their content to speak. their words to inspire and their freshness leave impression on people’s minds.

I’m a student and have no source of income and hence to keep and buy a well designed site is not an option for me. Though I have managed to cut back some funds and some allowance money to create something good. To make this dream of hosting a content friendly community possible.

I need a few more days’ time though to make it all happen and launch and official site but I have made the smallest contribution already. I created its logo and Facebook page.

So Support, help, Participate and like the following page for all that matters is the words you write.

The Blogosphere

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