That Little Square Device

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Hell, why do everyone call when I’m in the middle of a class?” I murmured when my phone started vibrating and I rejected the call without looking. Thank God it was in the silent mode, cause I already was in trouble a lot of times before when the cell phone rang inside the classroom. I checked the time, 20 more minutes till the class is over. 20 more minutes to think about nothing but the previous phone call.

By general convention, teachers don’t have two eyes on the back of their head. So the basic class rule is performing your illegal action whenever the teacher turns around to write something on the board. Eventually the teacher did turn around and I saw it was a call from Anky.

There was no way I could ring back. So I texted “Sup?” . A minute later she replied “Nothing,Β  I’m out shopping at the mall near your college”. I replied “So why don’t we meet up?” She said “Only if you can come within half an hour.”I checked the time again and found out that there are 15 minutes of inhuman torture still ahead of me.

Knowing that I wouldn’t get anywhere in the next 15 minutes I tried to relax a bit as I texted Anky side by side. Ma’am was screaming something I don’t quite understand and we just nodded on……sometimes on wrong answers too, desperately failing to convince ma’am that we were listening to the lecture.Β  I took the phone from the right hand to the left hand because my right thumb was annoying me for the time being. The left arm which was resting on the shoulders of my fellow classmate Aamir stayed on the shoulders and was busy texting.


It was a rather pleasant discussion on both of our lives and fun stuff. While I was fully indulged in her thoughts I found a chalk flying through the class room full of possible suspects and hitting my head. “Ow!” I exclaimed looking at the teacher.

Teacher: What were you doing?

Me: Nothing Ma’am.

Teacher: Not even listening to what I was saying?

Me: * Heads Down*

Aritra from the desk behind me : No ma’am! Not even that! *laughs*

Teacher: What’s in your hands?

Me: Nothing ma’am.

**At this instant two things happened. 1.I put my phone inside Aamir’s shirt at the speed of light. 2. Ma’am came running at me at the speed of sound! **

Teacher: Show Me your hands!

And I showed her. I was clean.

Finding no proof to convict me on some criminal charges Ma’am went back to her chair with a look that could have made me vanish in thin air if ma’am had special powers. Thankfully ma’am was not Super Ma’am!

Aamir already got the phone out of his shirt. And I was not ready to touch it. But I took it back anyways. I know what you’re thinking, but I can go this much if anyone is trying to take my phone away!

Ma’am must have remembered something, and she wasn’t complete with the revenge. She made a final blow….

“Rakesh, Repeat the last line I said.” She ordered.

I was devastated. I was in no position to say anything. I don’t even remember what chapter she was teaching let alone the last sentence. I stood there, speechless, and the class instead of making usual loud noises fell silent. As if everyone wants to know whether I was listening or not.

My hands started shaking. No, not out of fear. The phone vibrated again and it was Rahul from the first desk. I put my head down and made it look as if I was ashamed. I openedΒ  it and there it was, the perfect reply to the final blow. Ma’am couldn’t convict me. I was free.

The class eventually got over and I was running to go meet Anky. I promised Rahul a treat on me and Aritra a Kick in the buttocks.

Both of them are still due!

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9 thoughts on “That Little Square Device

  1. Hey Rakesh!

    Congratulations on your win of share life contest.

    This is one post indeed that truly deserved what it has achieved but as always with most of the posts here on indiVine missed many eyes and minds…

    This post reminded me of my golden days OF LIFE… just 5 yrs back mobiles were a luxury, richy, baned controversial and spoilty guy’s gadget in the college and now its a must have part of baggage…

  2. Thnx all for reading out! πŸ™‚

    I personally never hoped it would go all the way to the top 5, but Woooo Miracles Happen.

    That Little Square Device is not little anymore… Is it?

    @ Nalini Just having my share of fun life in college! πŸ™‚ Thnx!

    @Nandhini Look what your wish did to the post! πŸ˜€

    @Aniruddh Dude…. this is everyone’s story man. Everyonw gets busted eventually don’t they! πŸ˜€ Haha! Cheers! πŸ™‚

    @ Pinky Thnx! Actually as I can recall once a great mind said to me “Voting is like scratching backs. I’ll scratch yours, and you’ll scratch mine.”
    And 5 years… that’s a long ago…I was a kid back then! K-I-D!

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