Knock Knock

Well, I’ve been gone too long…too far.. so far that I even forgot my password. That’s a shame isn’t it!

Let me give you guys updates. I was busy being a good kid…which I normally am NOT! Its a tough job seriously. Today I noticed I have a huge syllabus and have to complete it! I don’t remember ever noticing that in the past 12 years. Wow. This college thing seriously is stressful.

But you can be sure that I haven’t turned into a complete nerd yet. I just gave the syllabus a look, I sure as hell didn’t try to finish it.


Anyways that’s me ..goofing up…. will update the blog with college life gossips as soon as I hear them! Probably I won’t! πŸ˜›




And oh in case you were wondering what’s the moral of the post…well, it doesn’t have any!

2 thoughts on “Knock Knock

    • Thnx for reading! πŸ™‚

      I don’t normally get new readers since I shifted here. Anyways, the thing is I already voted for someone for the same contest so I think its unfair to vote for two at the same contest. Sorry. 😦

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