Fools And Regulations

What does college really mean? No really. You don’t go in there to maintain the rules, you go there to break them, don’t you?

There are rules imposed on you whenever you go into an institution or be it a Company and you are forced to live with such rules. You are told that if you break the rules the punishment will be severe. You are told that this is how everything works around here, and then the dirty lawyer comes to play. When you are given a set of rules, the first thing a lawyer does is to find the loopholes.

I believe everyone was told in the class to be silent a 1000 times that their classes were fish markets. They were asked to keep quiet another thousand times too. But did we shut up at all? We passed funny idiotic notes just to communicate without verbal interactions. Thus we kept on the illegal operations without getting caught by the law that orders us to be quiet.

In the recent days of my first week of college I have found an abundance of rules and regulations. This college is like a school for adults, for they have everything but the early morning prayer. Me being the perfect bunk-ass in school have a great advantage in finding the loopholes of these familiar and some unfamiliar rules.

I’m gonna quote the rules and explain the real face behind the mask.

1. “No one will be allowed to enter the College after 10.30” – Our vision is … Always come after 10.30 and you are free to roam around everywhere in the whole wide city!

2. “Everyone Should Wear proper Uniforms.” – We are not that old, even school girls will ogle at us with uniforms like school.

3. “No entering Mechanical Workshop without Shoes.” – A great Chance to Flaunt that New Converse You just Bought.

4. “75% attendance is a must.” – Have to Practice giving proxies.

5. “Have to do Well in the Internals” – Hmm…now…copying or studying?? :$

6. “Don’t miss College.” – Don’t miss the days of Festivals!

7. “Don’t Keep Lab copies Unfinished.”- To complete the full copy in a single night, don’t forget to copy the first and the last topic. Whatever stayed in the middle should be none of your business.

8. “Switch Off your Mobile Phones.”- turn them Silent and text each other expressing what a boring class is going on!

9. “No ragging”- Our only weapon against seniors, the anti-ragging law!

10. “Respect your seniors” – Seem happy in front of them, beat them outside the college campus if you have a chance.

There are plenty of other rules but me in my useless random mind have picked up only these 10.  You are free to contribute via commenting.

So you see you don’t have to be a criminal to break the law always, there are smarter ways to do it. I.e without breaking it. Oh, that much you’ve already figured. Sorry!

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