First Day Of Chained Freedom

Sounds kinda oxymoron-ish doesn’t it? “Chained Freedom” !

In the state of disbelief I was. Obviously negativity crippled my mind. The institution was not supposed to be good at all, I was expecting even worse things but I come back with some pretty good memories. But even though I had them all, I can’t imagine 4 years of my life with these people right now. I think I miss my school too much. In my defense, our school had AC classrooms. And behind the sophistication of AC rooms lies a very feeble process of Education. Anyways, I don’t wanna get into all that right now.

They are giving me freedom, but they want me to come there every day sharp at 10 and maintain UNIFORM. They are giving us freedom, but they are keeping us chained. Just so we don’t go become hooligans the first day we start everything!

I saw the belly button trying to survive beyond the huge pressure on the widely aggressive belly of our beloved new principal. I observed silence when a question was asked, we were asleep for 5 months at least! We observed inexperienced teachers trying to act like professionals and desperately failing in it. Gathering hatred from us instead of the love he expected.
No one teaches on the first day … Do they? Yes they Do In Here! #FML time!

There are quite a number of girls in CSE department, maybe half of the class belong to the other sex. And there are beautiful ones too! Now, a guy would laugh at me, but wait I’ve got a better joke.

I did not felt the “LOVE at first sight” feeling on seeing anyone. So I kept looking for the second time, but still nothing. Blank… Blank! Sheesh, No girls in college too. Lets all wait for the next year students. Wow I’m so desperate!

So I yawned till it was finally time to go home, and now I am home updating the stupid things I did on my first day. Seriously I can’t be there from 10 to 5. Listen, its a college, and colleges are made to be bunked. Get on with it uni and leave the attendance bullshit aside!

Everyone else have a great life, and pray I stop becoming lame and desperate!

One thought on “First Day Of Chained Freedom

  1. hahah lovely written!!! ur colg hours is from 10 to 5 bus??? :O lucky u πŸ˜› i hope u get see beautiful girls πŸ˜›

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