A Dozen Reasons I Moved To WordPress

Well Lots Of people don’t know that I moved to WordPress, I’m Gonna make an official announcement in my previous Blog, but first lets Discuss why I moved here.

I have been always random with reasoning, I don’t believe that everything has a reason, I just believe that there are tiny Wishes behind everything, not reasons but Wishes.

Naturally you don’t get what I am saying, so I’ll just continue with my little wishes which led me to WordPress.

1. WordPress feels more flexible than blogger, in terms of Header Images and Adding Gadgets.

2. A change was needed. Something Had to change… the ol’ Blogger was getting Boring, Wasn’t it?

3. I’ve seen Lots of successful bloggers on WordPress, I kinda like the environment here! 😛

4. I’m writing on GadgetCage, which has a Similar Environment. Oh and did you read their article? This one –> Reasons To Move To WordPress

5. Google was very harsh on giving me an Adsense account. Damn, I deserved it.

6. In wordpress, I’m Gonna change My logo……every weeks.or couple of weeks.

7. I don’t promise improvement though.

8. And another chance for calling myself Stupid! 😀

9. If I ever have a Custom Domain (which I have and is going to expire soon, lack of funds) I can move my wordpress blog easily there! 🙂

10. What a ghatiya name…BLOGGER…whatta cool name “WORD-PRESS” .

11. Adding Gadgets again, wasting times again, I have too much time these days.

12. I have a google account, and now that I have a wordpress too, I can be omni-present everywhere! 😀

There you go, I gave u a Dozen Reasons for why I moved to WordPress, now you gotta give me a dozen comments too! 🙂

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