You Say You Want A Revolution

I was going through the dilemma of what I am doing and what I want to do for a long time until yesterday, when certain incidents blew my mind away, I have finally decided what I wanted to do in my life, I donno what you call these people, but I am going to be that guy down in the pic.

Yes, I am going to be this man, although I wouldn’t carry the Flag. I will be a common “PROTESTOR”.
You must be wondering if this is a new business or something like that, ironically it is. Given the circumstances of change coming in and occupying political power in my city, there’s one thing that has been even more popular than the controversial opposition party, and that is STRIKE.
In this part of the country, we call for strike out of amusement and entertainment, we call strike just one day before and whoever the heck has whatever the heck thing to do, all that can wait. If someone doesn’t want to listen to us, well, we have all the force to stop them. We burn buses, we sit on Railway tracks and sure as hell we beat up the taxi and auto drivers.
Occasionally we leave out the IT( Information Technology) dept. because they are more important than Government Offices. And we take all the taxis from the airport just to harass the incoming Foreigners who have no involvement whatsoever with whats happening in this country of ours. We just leave them stranded.
We are so familiar with the “Bandh” situation, we call it “Shortly Announced Public Holiday”. Poor IT people, they still have to stay in there offices while we play cricket on the empty roads, after all these holidays are for enjoying.
But my profession would be kinda different, I would not represent any political party as aforesaid, although I would be there to Protest for any party that needs help, just for the fun, just to enjoy what I do. I’d protest for the love of it.
My protest would not be for the silly things like Price Hike or Reservations in Higher Education but I would protest when one train can not maintain punctuality and create chaos on the station. I’d protest by stopping trains just because there was some crook beaten by police. I’d burn buses cause they asked for a 50 paisa raise, or I’d burn buses cause the customers refused to give 50 paisa extra. Either ways the city will suffer.
I will not give long speeches to motivate minds, I will make people suffer so they understand easily. So what if there was a BANDH earlier on the same issue, I’d call a strike again, just cause we all need occasional holiday.
I would name an occasion “Sahid Divas” although one “Sahid Divas” exists just to clarify what change a party is bringing in the next election and I would call it a remembrance of the dead of a tragic incident which happened a year back. And on that issue I’ll block the heart of the city with thousands of people just to stop the city from doing whatever work they wanted to do.
I will also occasionally come up with some brilliant ideas like “BANDH Because Its Too Hot Out There” or I’ll call a strike when the temperature will go way below Normal, just because its too cold.
Finally I would like to protest for the Brothers and Sisters in the IT dept. because they don’t get a chance to stay on a holiday during protests. Phew, lots of work, no?
I don’t know if that pays much, but who cares as long as I do it for the love of it. And YOU be a part too, join the revolution, or at least join the list of followers!
Long Live Protests.


The Post was a Part of the Contest My Dream Job organised by BlogAdda sponsored by Pringoo .

4 thoughts on “You Say You Want A Revolution

  1. After having lived and studies in that part of the country, I totally understand what you mean. Liked reading the post which is very different from the rest. Good luck with the contest.

  2. @moumita thnx for reading! 🙂 My posts are poluted with regionalism sometimes, but I guess I just keep my frustrations off by blogging! :)@Nandana burning buses is an everyday issue now! 😛 Thanks for reading! 🙂

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