The Aam Naam

Q. What did I see?

A. I saw similarity. I saw less of uniqueness and more of Normality. More of…common things.

Q. What am I talking about?
A. Names.
Q.Which names?
A. Blog Names.
Q. Explain!
A. That’s the thing I hate so much about questions!
I know, no one gets what I talk about. So don’t go hammer yourselves or me. I will explain.
I’ve been blogging…what….umm six months maybe… I have visited many blog directories and lots of other blogs I’ve seen similarities, in names. That’s it.
I am giving you some words and you are free to find them out, check for if the words are in the headers/blog names of a blog, and let me know.
You got to have one of these words:
1. Life
2. Love
3. Anonymous (same goes for anonymity)
4. Scribblings
5. Thoughts
6. Memories
7. RockStar(as a matter of fact anything star, superstar, and superheroes included)
8. Tech
9. Freak
10. Random
11. journey
12. Diary
Seriously………….Whatever happened to Creative Names!

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