And I didn’t Punch Anyone

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting
Those kicks were fast as lightning
In fact, it was a little bit frightening
But they fought with expert timing

Okay, so you have heard the song a thousand times. Yes, probably you know the song from the movie Kung Fu Panda but the song was recorded way before. Anyways, I was listening to this this lazy afternoon. It was raining outside, and I was thinking, well you know I CAN think too.

I was thinking the time I almost had a fighting scenario, the time that this song would have inspired me to learn Karate, unfortunately the song came too late in my life, and now my only defense is my BS.

Well, lets get to the story shall we?

It was not as rainy as it is today, it rained but just a little shower, the school ground was muddy, and we a bunch of 7th standards were playing FootBall (and causing our moms a lot of trouble for washing our uniforms). Then came a bunch of 8th graders, who were at first watching the game. Then they started kicking the ball, whenever it came towards them, even if it was in the middle of the game! Then one of them stopped the ball, and commanded us to include them into our game too. We were already frustrated with them kicking the ball, and we were the ones who made permission to use the school ball, they had no authorization. We clearly denied and said “If you guys had to play, get youw own ball and play with it, we are not playing full ground, there’s lots of space!”

The arrogant seniors started to push us around and commanded again. “If you guys don’t let us play, you won’t even play.” They knew that a permission will cost them some time, and no one was willing to wait.

They were the seniors, the heads, the bulky group of people who laugh at anything thrown at them. They’ll laugh at the joker, they’ll laugh at the Soap Actress, they’ll laugh at Shaktimaan, our Syllabus, WWE stickers that we got free with Big Babool, the pen fighting, the bus, the people on the road, the teachers, the students, the guardians, the stray dogs…. you know anything! Oh, I have had my fare share of the dumbest jokes on this planet!

So there they were, laughing at us, laughing at how the 7th graders refused to play with them and they snatched the ball we were playing with. Laughing with pride. Just then, one of us, a familiar loud mouth started protesting. They got a hold of his collar, and he could do nothing else but ask for help! Screw these loud mouths, why did he had to say something if he can’t beat the shit out of them?? Then they started insulting. That was it. The line was broken. Our guy asked for help for enormous amount of time, and hell broke loose.

We had manpower, authorization, and if found guilty we could plea for Self Defense as they had our guy. There was no stopping us, my beloved friend, we call him MOTA, pushed few of them into the mud,and scattered them. 2 of them went running out of the ground to complain to the teachers.

I was never the Rambo types, but that DAY.. all my rage that I’ve been living with for the past 2 years (5th and 6th stndrd) decided to come out. And oh how good it was. One guy, well weaker than me, and Shorter than me, decided to attack me, I pushed him and the slippery mud was all over him. And this big guy was saying things from a distance, I ran towards him to hit him,and after a lot of trouble, I was finally able to get his throat against the Uprights, and posed like a WWE superstar, u know the PUNCH is coming, hands raised, big eyes etc.

That was it, 5 of them was in the mud, 2 of us was in the mud too, one of them was held captive by me, 2 of them fled, and Mota was sitting on the other guy.

Victory, finally, but sadly we had no energy left to play that day. The game period was the last period, so next we returned home via the School bus, where we exchanged killer looks with the seniors, and was laughing at them secretly.

I knew something was gonna happen in the school, and decided not to go there for 2 days while I got info from friends who went to school. I asked them eagerly if anything happened, if anyone mentioned my name. Then….well No one mentioned me, as I was not a major influence on anything!

Who got the Punishment??? The Loud Mouth. The seniors mentioned his name, and left us knowing that if they did, Mota will not only sit on them but will Jump, and I will not hold on to any Punches.

Although that was not the end of it. A month later, I got calls which threatened me. 😛 But well, that’s another story that has nothing to do with Kung Fu Fighting.

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