Women are just like men, with a few exception

I wanted to write a cool intro to this post, I tried quoting lines, I tried to be funny, and then serious, but I just couldn’t fit thousands of things in one word. Sorry!
Why do I have to fit thousands of words in a single sentence? Well we are talking about What Women Want aren’t we?
If I had to make a list, I couldn’t. Simply cause I am not a Woman. And you know we are from Mars! They are from Venus. And sometimes I wonder how did all of us end up here on Earth! Creepy isn’t it? Anyways The 3 “W”s here is the most mysterious thing just secondary to black-holes. Science might have an answer fir the black hole….but they still don’t get women!
You wouldn’t believe, I tried to write them down, I just couldn’t. I mean you can’t differentiate what women want from what what men want.
Women want love, so do we. Women want to have good times, so do we. They aspire to be successful, we do too.
Women hide what they really really want and test weather a man can recognize what she wants. But we don’t. That’s bad, cause tests have never been my area of expertise!
Women don’t want different things, they just do things differently. And Glee just told me “Women want sex as much as Guys do!” Now seriously, what more do you need to know.
We are not that different, not aliens. Cause in the end we all desire Same things. Just at some point guys wanna watch sports and Women simply would watch anything else but sports!
So that’s it … a thin line remains always….the line where subjects like pink,shopping,TV Soaps,Cosmetics,Designer Clothes,gossiping and hormones that make them more mature lie.
And seriously, if you expect that I’d make a list for you guys here, you guys were just being ambitious. To know things it took me several years…and I’ve just got started. I’ve already spilled the basics. Work your way to the top!
The Post was a Part of the Contest What Women Want organised by Blogadda sponsored by Pringoo .

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