And Thus I learned to Hate Religion

So by this time if you have read the posts I posted before, you already know that like every time this post too is not gonna be serious. I know, the title already says that doesn’t it?

Well, I was born in 1992, if people remember there was a huge riot on the Babri Mosque issue. Yes I was born in that unfortunate year, and hopefully I didn’t see anything bad, even if I did…I was too little to remember. That riot was a religion issue. But no I don’t hate religion for that.
I was then sent to Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama High School. If you don’t know, that school is a Hindu Missionary School. So I was forced to learn more about my culture that my west centered brain wanted to. I was forced to memorize Phrases from Gita. But still I tolerated Somehow.
Then there came several occasions where I hated being a Hindu, by the way I neither did want to Be a Christian or a Muslim or Anything. I just wanted to be me. For example I hate the part of the Saraswati Puja where you have to fast until the Puja ends. I hate that. Why should I do that? God gave us food to eat….. why shouldn’t I?
Another thing, My best friend is a Brahmin… So after certain age they celebrate an occasion called “Upanayan”. The difficult part is he got all the gifts in this world!! Its like a marriage ceremony without the bride,where the groom gets all the fame and all the prizes! He became the coolest kid in town with all the gadgets and stuff….and I was like…People get lucky over-night!!!!!!
Anyways life was fine and I did not complain about things for so long till this day Today!!!
Today all my tolerance went somewhere to take a dive in the holy river! If you know what is a Kirtan ( a religious Chaos Nothing else…Rock Show for the Elderly!! ) you sure can Imagine what its like to have one just in front of your house!!! They are shouting names of gods in chorus…in different tones and voices…and I can’t hear my mom say anything! And I hate the Tabla or something like that which is playing in the background, and which has nothing to do with the Kirtan, and is just simply being played to irritate others!
I’m planning on a revenge! I wish to download all the Bullet For My valentine, AC/DC , Metallica, Megadeath, Cradle Of Filth, SlipKnot songs and Place two huge Guitar speakers right in front of my house and play! Lets see who wins! Kartal Or Metal!!!!!
Apparently my mom is asking me not to be so furious about that matter, so I’m stopping here and asking you whose side are you on? KARTAL or METAL?

4 thoughts on “And Thus I learned to Hate Religion

  1. wow, i love your post! i too get thoroughly irritated with all kinds of religious processions and useless rituals and all… and i also think that religion is the root cause of a lot the conflicts the world is facing today – from the whole hindu-muslim thing in india to terrorism and israel-palestine issues! I think even God if he exists up there must be saddened by how hypocritical and foolish all the so-called religious ppl are. they see no logic in anything and go on promoting the cause of God without following the simple acts of being considerate and kind towards others.

  2. thnx for reading! I was so frustrated by that event that day!It is indeed a bigger issue…than what's written in here! Thanks again for stopping by!

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