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Hidden thoughts Can cause a lot of trouble for an average guy. I am no good at keeping secrets. If someone tells me to not to tell anyone about anything I get a feeling like some criminal offense has been done behind my back by my friends and one of them is putting me under oath not to tell the Police about it! It just hurts my morality, you know! If I have one, that is!

So What is this post about? No its not about how I cope with the aforesaid problem. I usually forget what was being told to me and get relaxed, but I am Not gonna tell you that! That’s my way, get one yourself! But there are lots of things that are hidden on an Usual day other than those tiny little secrets and huge sins that your friends have committed and asked you not to tell anything about! These secrets, however always stay within ourselves and our crooked mind.
So, let me give you an example of such incidents where we have to keep our thoughts to ourselves….. and lets discuss a nightmare scenario…..The Girl wants to Go to Shopping and asked The Guy to go with her…
Girl: You Are Sooo Late….. how could you be like this always..
Guy: I can’t be that Late….oh hell… I’m sorry re!
And What did the guy really think- “Like I volunteered to come and move behind your shoes like your chihuahua! “
Girl: Okay ..What’s done is Done…now help me choose something to wear at Didi’s reception…
Guy: Lets Go, what are we waiting for… That Way…
Guy in his Mind: Huh? You asking me to Choose from all the colored pieces of clothes that Blinds my eyes, I mean seriously…Do I look Gay?
Girl: Haww…this saree is awesome… don’t you think so?
Guy: Ha…really…you’d look beautiful wearing it!
Guy in his Mind: Okay…strike one, she selected one of them, lets get the heck outta here!
Girl: Look, that one seems better… Now I can’t choose!
Guy: Oh …but that one looks stupid… you look a lot better in this!
Guy in his Mind: Grab this and go home, I need to live, the game is on! And who told these bastards to keep good sarees in one shop!
Girl: Achha now I have to select a watch…lets go to third floor..
Guy: Aha, cool, lets go…
Guy in his Mind: Do I see a poster of Pamela Anderson down there…. Hmm…
Girl: Shopping is done, Lets eat something…food court is that way!
Guy: Oh, I know but Mom made dinner for me back home!
Guy in his Mind: Sigh! Another attempt to ruin my night,and get carbs for yourself! You seriously look fat!

Girl: You were so in a hurry… You are pathetic, I can’t even shop with you around
Guy: What! What did I do? What? You didn’t like these? Should we go change them?
Guy in his Mind: Oh how classic! I’ve heard this excuse since dinosaurs were born. I can only hope that next time you don’t take me to the next shopping spree!

Girl: No need to change them… all right fine.. I know you have the match to watch and all…
Guy: Oh, the match was supposed to be on… I nearly forgot!
Guy in his Mind: Oh so you knew all, and still you decided to torture me with this stupid shopping thing!

Girl: No, Its okay.. Lets Go home then..
Guy: As you please.
Guy in his Mind: Yeah right, now that the torture session is over lets head home! Holy Cow… My match is over…!!!!! No point in getting home now! *Sigh*

So you see, if everything that the guy thought was said they could have hardly wasted all those times together, and call themselves a couple who understand each other! We are all blessed with our abilities to hide the real thoughts, and no this is not faking, this is just making efforts to make relations better.
P.S All the characters in this conversation is purely fictional. I never thought like this. Because I never went to shop with any woman except mom, yes when I was 5 I used to go shop with Mom.

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17 thoughts on “Hidden

  1. Hehehehe, the smartest thing a guy can do is motivate the lady to go shopping with her girl friends.Please remove the word verification

  2. Wow….seriously… šŸ˜€ I love this blog a ton thing… got me so many comments! ^_^ …now @Leo.. Thnx.. Reading your post in a jiffy! :)@Scribbling Girl: Yes, you guys should really consider our feelings! :D@ritu.. Well the Aim of this Post WAS to make the girls understand by themselves, and save us from the agony of motivating them! @brijender …Thnx for reading and Commenting! šŸ™‚

  3. @Mahesh Well… LOL I am wishing that the beans help grow a "Know-all-about-guys" fruit tree…. šŸ˜› Girls must eat them and let us live happily ever after! ^_^

  4. Quite hillarious šŸ™‚ So you did reval the hidden intentions of guys going with shopping with their gfs šŸ˜‰ Very well written ..All the best for BATOM šŸ™‚

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