Comedians In Disguise (C.I.D)

If you grew up in India in the 90’s and always kept an eye on the stupid box you have often found yourself and your dad, sitting in a couch watching Sony Tv, at dinner time, watching some men and some fools among men solving cases that you can now predict by yourself! They are the source of all the detective intelligence Indian youth has! They have been on Air since forever! I can remember them going on since the new color TV was brought!

People nowadays are demanding a different CID channel, on which CID goes on and on like forever! This post is devoted to the show!
Cool Facts about CID:
  1. Daya Slaps a guy, and he tells the truth about everything. A small Slap is enough for everything! There Goes third degree!
  2. Once in a while when the TRP is down they always make one of their main investigators as a suspect! Sometimes Daya, sometimes Abhijeet and sometimes The ACP himself!
  3. The Three Characters remain the same and the other characters change as the season changes! No not the serial season, new characters appear and go as if Summer came and gone!
  4. If there was A record on How many Doors Daya had broken it would be enormous! Next time you lock yourself in a room, call DAYA!
  5. They have made words like “chappa chappa chand maro” so much popular, now even my mom uses these when I can’t find something!
  6. Did I tell you that by ACP’s pronunciation you can never understand that the other character’s name was “Fredrick” ! How cool!
  7. There Is Only one car for the whole department and everyone goes everywhere via that car!
  8. Half the times ACP predicts a FANSI as a punishment!

And probably all of you have heard the greatest PJs , but this collection is exclusively for CID purpose.

Sharing CID Shayaris Collected all Over from the Internet:
  1. Na jaane kal kya bayaan honge…..
    Foolon k gulshan ya fir soone shamshaan honge….
    Iss ghar ka chappa chappa chaan maaro Daya, yahaan zarur kaatil ki ungliyon k nishaan honge!!!
  2. Patni upwas rakhati hai jab hota hai karva chauth
    ACP Pradyuman keheta hai tume hogi “”SAZAYEE MAUT””…
  3. 5 rupaye ka ek samosa, 10 rupaye ke do…
    Abhijeet kuch to gadbad hai, Daya darwaza tod do….
  4. Apni mehenat ka pasina is tarah se na pochooo…Waha wah…!!A.C.P. Pradyuman ne kaha “Socho Daya Sochoo”!
  5. Hum tumhare pyaar me jaan bhi de denge



    Doctor Salunke Murde se bhi sach ugalawa lenge.

  6. Daya ke Thappad ke Gunj Se ure Pakshi Yaha Waha……ACP Pradyuman bole Abhijeet Aakhir Laash Gayi Kaha?

All these PJs are collected from various sites over the internet! I would have made the effort to make some of them but I took my effort Elsewhere! The never-endingness of this serial has inspired me to a life after December 2012 and however I made a Facebook Page on this if you’d like this…..

Now If only I could have some appreciation for all the hard work! 😀 I know, I am a bit like the over-demanding child!
Next time you think of something stupid like kill a guy or run over a cow, think of Daya’s slap and refrain!

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