Cause We all Just Wannabe Big Rock Stars

Indian Rock is the talk of every Indian town for a while now. Every city has its own group of awesome Rock bands and every city has the rookies. This post is not about the greatest stars that are born in India but did not get any recognition in the larger world because of their nationality, although we somehow got used to it, in this Post I will discuss about the Great Indian Wanna Be-s….Where there are Legends, there must be wannabes.
Being born in a Filthy Suburb, now a pretty much decent town very much near Kolkata, I discovered English music in early days when I was pretty young even to understand lyrics! Yes, I hated The BrazIIIIl song back then too, and I believed as I loved to watch Argentina play in the WC, I should never sing the damned song! However, that song ruled the decades, and probably one of the first English songs that Got accepted by The MANGO People. Music slowly got into me, and yes I left the nutshell and explored. I remember there used to be these Radio sites, where the music could be heard, without them being downloaded! I used to surf all day, Till came my blessing “Hotel California” and obviously “Summer Of 69”! And I was dreaming of being a Rock star Since.
This is not an autobiography,and I will get to the point soon.
After that several years have passed, and now I know how to play guitar, I own two of them,and I successfully sold an old one of mine, Moreover… I have a so-called-band in which members are usually absent in every practice! And I think I’ve seen enough Wannabes to write a blogpost about them.
They have got some true hideous features in them,and that’s why they Deserve a whack….
1. First Things first…They Can’t Read Music, Play Instant Chords, or get a strumming pattern right even after 12 tries! >:|
2. And so, to cover up their playing errors they seriously memorize all the name of the artists and songs they have ever came across with.
3. They Can Never Hate a Band, they just don’t know music well enough to dislike one. I mean some one said that no music is unlikeable, but still you gotta have some priorities. These guys are like listening ROBOTs.
4. And yes, they call crazy people “Greatest Guitarists Ever”!
5. Even if you make a suggestion and tell that this guy is better, they’ll pretend that they’ve heard that guy play…as if he was playing next door, and that guy sucked! A true musician always Listens more and more and more!
6. Probably, the first song these wannabes have heard was “NUMB” by LP, and after 2 years of finger falling guitar exercises, they still think LP is the greatest Band Ever. I just can’t Tolerate such people!
7. The easiest way to spot a wannabe is that he wears the most accessories than any other guy nearby. A true rocker is selective of his/her accessories but a wannabe wears everything! A wannabe even flaunts a cigarette that he/she is smoking.
8. These types never wear headphones but they blast their phone/Ipod speakers out loud for everyone to hear! one advise for them- “Keep Your Music to yourself”!
9. Now these guys are talented but have a truly empty mind, these guys are the ones who always end up covering other bands’ songs rather than actually ever making one!
10. And lastly I am describing the people who can also be known as “Will Never gonna make it Big” people. This guys are pissed off jerks,who actually have no future and just got better from the other 9 and hence consider themselves superior. Their carrier of failed shows led them nowhere and they blame it on the “POLITICS” involved. And these guys irritate every other guy and try to bring them down to their level of joblessness. These are the most Gyaani and hated people of the Industry.
I hope you got my point, and next time ask yourself if you are a wannabe or Not.
P.S: A real musician is always happy about the criticism made and still respects the music of each individual! And I mean no disrespect to anyone, just showing how the things are.Whack You Wannabes!!!

This Post Is a part of Wanna Whack Contest by Blogadda sponsored by Pringoo.

8 thoughts on “Cause We all Just Wannabe Big Rock Stars

  1. I actually came across such bands when I was in college. That time, they all rocked but now that I read your post, I figured that they all sucked. Most of them were wannabes and those who actually knew how to make music usually ended up disassociating with such bands.And oh ya people who make others listen to their crap through speakers truly deserve to be whacked and whacked hard!!

  2. Now, I know I can predict future thanks to you! :DJokes apart, yes the scene is pretty Bad, and actually half of them ended up not doing studies very well and landed up with a mediocre job somewhere! These Wannabes never learn but when they do its already too late! Being Pissed by them for 3 years now! So Yeah Whacked! >:|

  3. OKay … @ Ad…what who tells whom??? o.O Each and every point is verified and I made sure I didn't write anything I do myself! And You Just see the Cig in the Hand… U don't know people, who'll do anything just to flaunt…. They'll tell they are having weed, if they had to..Those suckers don't even know What weed Tastes Like! <_<@Rohini Arey, that was a conversation starter…it was merely a joke…I didn't mean it the serious way, u can always Generalaise if u want! 😀

  4. i liked this post! I never termed myself as a real music lover coz i know two hoots about music 😀 i listen to any damn thing..but hmmm..u categorised it well. i could identify some people in my college through this post..well done 🙂

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