I ban Cause I can

I don’t know why am I being so irritated and at the same time entertained by this, but yes, if you have read the news, you Probably know that Pakistan banned the following sites Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia and the latest addition to the group, our very own awesome site….twitter.

Are you mad, are you crazy or are you being paid to do this? I understand what happened to facebook, although I do not like the idea of banning the site, i can still live by knowing that there was a reason. But what did YouTube do??? And damn Wikipedia???? Half the kids copy their homeworks from wiki don’t you people know? And I can not in imagine in my worst nightmares that you guys would ban twitter. Although that would not be a problem, since most of the people from your country are still unaware of what twitter is. You guys are shameless, how much harm could that little blue bird do? And your stupid DrawMuhammadDay is not even in the trending topics!
Seems Pakistani judges have a problem with everything. There is No justification for banning Twitter, but in this Post I’ll try My best to justify it.
Reason 1: Twitter has a blue Logo, in Pakistan they only permit Green Logos, anything else is against the nation, that means You have to give up your underwear that has that Red Logo. BAN!!!!
Reason 2 :
One Judge To another “Did you know Twitter has anti-Islamic comments?”
2nd Judge- “You Sure? “
1st one- “Arey mere mausi ke kaka ke abba jaan ke mausi jaan ke eklaute aulad ke eklaute bachhi ne aj subha ek anti-Islaam comment dekhi”!
2nd one- : Achaa(Gets angry…becomes Hulk) …..grrrr….. Lagaao Ban!
Reason 3 : There Must have been some awesome social site discovered by Pak Govt. They had to Ban Twitter!! BAN!!!!
Reason 4:
1st Judge: My Son has Lost interest in studies these days.
2nd Judge: Why is that?
1st Judge: I don’t know, he seems to do a lot of twitting lately!
2nd Judge: Wait, I have a solution, Lets Ban Twitter. Ameen!
Reason 5 : Zardari To Manmohan- “See I told You so, We can Block Terrorism”! Side se Zardari Ka Assistant- “Sir yeh humne Twitter Block Kiya hai, Terrorism abhi bhi Nahi Hua”!
Zardari- “I have to go Pee, Please Wait” …
Beep Beep… Apke Call qatar Mein Hain, Kripya Pratiksha Kijiye! 😛
Reason 6 : Sania Mirza is on twitter! The Trade was bad, lets not let her live in peace…no aman ka tamasha!! 😛 Ban Twitter!! BAN!!
I guess the Last Reason would be that they banned twitter cause they could not go against an awesome personality like me, while I am tweeting. Too obvious, Isn’t it?
Wait………..am I being over confident fool again???? *wonders*

4 thoughts on “I ban Cause I can

  1. Yes, you're over-confident and over-smart and definitely a fool. :PFew of the reasons are really good. Like, reasons 1 and 2. :PPsst, I hate Twitter. :PAnanya

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