Awaiting Realisation

Man, am I Pissed Off or am I super Pissed off!!!

I woke up at 5.30 a.m this morning. In case you didn’t have you mind blown by now,let me shout and say..”FAYYYIIIIVVVVEEEEEEEE TTTHHHHHAAAAAARRRRTTTTTTAAAAAAYYYYY”! And I had a football(soccer) match, and it got cancelled cause some stupid kid who had the ball fell asleep in his a/c room and never came!
I don’t understand why people make commitments like this, when they can’t keep! But I certainly don’t understand more things, these are just a few..
The Modi Drama– So many Papers Wasted, I guess they won’t be even recycled! BCCI is rich u know! They don’t recycle! I’m thinking of the guy who typed the 15000 pages… at 10 rupees per page, he made 1,50,000 . Now thats smart typing! πŸ™‚
The Result Drama- My Board Results were supposed to be out on 28th may, now that we have a separate state board, we are free to delay it whenever we want… isn’t it!!! Who cares about results, lets all see how good the politicians do on the election. That will be a comfort!
The Management Quota- And If I had to study Engg, I am considering this as a possibility. Like my father has loads of money to give to those scumbags, who plan a retirement from nothing(since half the teachers are basically Jobless)…with my money!!! WTF!!!
The South Indian Food Allergy- Is there any Masala except for Sambar Masala in south India? Any?? Lets use that on the cooking please!
The Bangalore Dilemma- Should I stay, or Should I not Stay is the question! Kolkata is not a nice place either, and frankly I’m bored of this place, but Bangalore is nothing Out of this World too….But I hear the jobs are easily get-able( a new word?? ) there! What to do Now! :S
I was taking a vacation, went to south India for a tour, and now came back, to keep my sanity in proportion. I am back to blogging now, awaiting more ideas to click, so that I can increase posts!
This blog has been Dead, Very Dead!

7 thoughts on “Awaiting Realisation

  1. u wanna do engineering !! wow.. all da best..god save u.. ;);)and yeah abt that sambar masala – in good restaurents of bang u will find much more den a sambar masala.. and regarding jobs – as a fresher if u r aiming the campus placements, it depends on ur college and branch.. offcampus placements r like hell..

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