What The SPAM!!

Its a fine Saturday morning, you wake up to check your mail and what do you find except two mails from facebook? ITS ALL SPAM. I’m sure by 2010 all of the Netizens are accustomed with spam e-mails. And now find it pretty boring and such..I found them to be rather funny and enjoyable some times… How?? yeah, you have to keep on reading.

As many of my blog readers might know that I recently suffered a huge Breakup(well, not so HUGE really.. I’ve had Worse! 😛 ) , then I woke up a fine Morning and was going through the forums of JAL, the band and found this…

DISCLAIMER: What you are about to see is a spam topic created by bots in the forums…not a single line is written by me….. =>

A few weeks ago I was incredibly disappointed with my marriage with my wife. Over the years, it went from being a great thing, to a bland relation. Why, you ask me? Ummmm, you know – life gets in the way. It starts with owning a townhouse. It then comes to pregnancy. More fights.

I found interesting advice here: ******* Tips.

Its not that I dont adore my kids. Those responsibilitiezzzzzzzzz which just show up have become a set of elements that I just internally agreed to cease controlling.

The life of an attached man has been a good existence. I did not want to leave this way of living. At the same time, I am a man. I want to have that excitement that came included with a new romance. That feeling that someone *likes* *me* once again.

That’s what propelled me into searching for a new quest. This wasn’t mapped out at any degree. It ‘purely happened’ – coincidentally. Having an affair was not some BS thing I desired to have to do personally. Cheating affairs have a curse associated with that affair. You seldom go into them easily. You just get blased with a promise you made and take an opportunity ahead of yourself.

It wasn’t about my girl. It was always about moi. I began looking on the internets for advice on how to change my relationship model. I ended up landing on this site: *******

I didn’t want my affair to destroy my family. I adore my partner and our kids. I basically wasn’t having the excitement I wanted from the thins thing. I decided that should I have an affair, it should have been a itty bitty term thing. And it was. I met Bitte on the web on a site that was referred by a dude. She was hilarious and incredibly wicked – on the internet.

So I met Her. After a few too potent cocktails, we leave together- we did what we had to do – she asked for my cell digits at the end, which I assumed to be a good sign.

Then the girl went NUTS on my arse. The chick just beginned texting, andcalling me & e-mailing me like a crazy person!!! Looking to destroy my marriage. She clearly said she’d call my wife. She said she’d expose me.

Thank GOD there was a bakup plan named: *******

And, I was Blown away..its funny, its hillarious, but it IS SPAM!

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