Untimely Death Of A Bag


A lil bit of historical info :-

I was in class 11 when I joined a new school and since my previous school bag was too nasty to be dealt with another year, I had to buy something to carry my books and Candy wrappers to school! So, I bought this full black bag from Big Bazar and thought it was quite a purchase for 200 bucks! Even if I didn’t feel pride that day, I’m feeling proud more than ever today, as I bid goodbye to the most memorable Bag of my life!

The Memories :-

Since the start of my school, me and my bag was inseparable.Black is my fav colour, you know. Me and my bag went places, I had never imagined I’d go in the past 10 years of my life. I thought those places only existed in TV, and now I realize how childish I was. Nevertheless my bag helped me a lot in those days. A safe place for all the Ipods and headphones, and the new phone too. I carried junk in my bag from candy wrappers to questions of unit tests of a 100 months old, torn and destroyed in the most brutal manner. My bag saw me fall in love, my bag carried all the gifts and the cards, and those which were never given found its home in my bag! Still, my bag holds the greatest collection of unpublished poetry by me! And when I could not push more thoughts into paper and put them into my bag, I wrote a blog. Me and my bag bunked Classes, the bag was my cushion on the boring lectures I’d sleep through!

As you can see, me and my sleep mate! 😛 😀

The Sad Part:-

Me and my bag shared the most important 2 years of my life together! We played at concerts, we slept over at strange places, we had a trademark! 😛 But as time always takes away your favourite things , the life span of my favourite bag has now come to an end.There are holes popping up everywhere in the bag, and the zips getting all tangled up, and obvious reason to bid it adieu. College years are ahead, and hope my new bags give me beautiful memories!

And my old bag, you have showed me that good friends can be found but best friends are always purchased! Rest In Peace!

5 thoughts on “Untimely Death Of A Bag

  1. Aww seems like you were deeply attached to this bag.Well you'll get over it when you get your hands on a newer and better one.I have a fetish for bags too-leather handbags,purses,fancy clutches..but then again I've so many of them I don't have a particular favorite.I love 'em all. 😀

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