The Game

This Post is a part Of Youngistaan Ka Wow Contest @ indiblogger.

They asked me what challange would I throw to Ranbir if I were Sanjay Dutt! It is however an intruiging idea to compare me with Sanjay Dutt, as I am Literraly the age of his knee…or whatever thay call it.

Now if I really Had to throw Ranbir somewhere I’d throw him in a room full of girls, so many girls that he wouldn’t even remember where he is. For every hero who had fallen, has Fallen to one thing and one thing only, a beautiful woman.

I mean, If you’ve seen Beowulf that is. πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “The Game

  1. yo nice rakesh i agree with ur statement..i guess ranbir ke liye bahut difficult challenge hoga yeh :)nice post..pls visit my page for my post and do comment:www.pravinnair.comur comment wld be invaluable!Tx.

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