The Daily Earth Hour

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Ah, how good it feels to do a bit for the future generation, for earth!

Don’t be surprised. In several parts of Kolkata the concept of “EARTH HOUR” is not new at all! It has been practiced over ages! Fortunately or un-Fortunately I happen to live at such a part of this big city where “Earth Hour” is celebrated on a daily basis! Yes, from all the lame jokes you’ve read on Twitter, you have already found out that I am Talking about power cuts!

We, the people, spend half the time of the day for the benefit of this planet! We deserve some award or something!

For instance, today I was trying to Fix my computer and was formatting it. Once, there was a power cut. It lasted an hour. Then as soon as I reached the windows screen electricity said goodbye and there was a two hour long silence! Finally when It came back, it lasted 10 minutes, and it was gone again, and came back again after 10 more minutes of mosquito bites! Actually I am not even sure if I can complete this post today.

In a more interesting case :

Our ministers promised us that there would be no power cuts during the boards exams. But we, being noble earthlings survived the very first hour of our very first 10+2 exam only with the help of natural resources! And those who gave us energy to write about an utterly interesting subject, the Bengali Literature, included the SUN, The Warm summer Breeze and the sweat beats on our foreheads! Yet somehow I managed to not let the paper drown in the extra water produced by my body!

Fossil Fuel is coming to an end! And our government is making us practice those hard times when there will be so little left of it! The plan is that we will turn out to be fine when Crisis hits us!

The End is Coming my friend. The preparations are to be made! ~_~

P.S: I was neither trying to be Political nor Intellectual! I was just being the big jerk that I am! So even if you didn’t understand I give you a hint- THIS IS ALL SARCASM!

8 thoughts on “The Daily Earth Hour

  1. You're not being a jerk..not at all.Power cuts form a warp n weft in the lives of people from our city and by this time we have suited ourselves quite nicely to this inconvenience(read torture) Trust me when I took my JEE-s it was about 42 degrees outside and no power inside the furnace of an examination hall.But then again…what can WE do?Such is the state of affairs in WB.Congrats on the pick!

  2. we Calcuttans truly empathise with each other. see, we should be given awards for the unity too šŸ˜€ so many people writing about powercuts ;)highly interesting post. UN should see how diligently we follow the Earth Hour. Every Day. šŸ˜

  3. You are right. They are preparing us for the inevitable, the day when India cannot produce any more power and we are all plunged into darkness. Heck this reads like a line from Terminator, Part 5!

  4. That day is not far away my dear friend…as Sidhu Would have said! Anyways never saw terminator 5 … šŸ˜› Should I watch it?? Nah… too much of muscle and nothing Brain!! šŸ˜›

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