Para-Normal Activities

Okay either this computer attracts me with a force directly proportional to the product of its and my masses and inversely proportional to the square of our distances, or It just sucks me into it! See it is just definitions, and laws going on in my mind! Screw me, I’ve never felt more nerdy like what I’m feeling now!

The reason for the above statement :- I said I’d leave, but look at me, I am back! With no proper excuse to come back! I just came to check stuff! And Sammy Had a surprise for me which I really enjoyed! 🙂

Now to the Issue this week!It has been horrifying for me especially at nights! I had to literally eat up formulas, and definitions etc. and I am awake till 2-3 am, which I never did my entire life (no matter how little a span I lived)  and when I go to sleep MONJULIKA appears out of nowhere! At 2-2.30 I can hear a sound of the payal or something like it! You know, Chin Chin Chin! First day di said, Monjulika has arrived to eat you up! I wasn’t scared, but was enjoying. Next day I sat on the window to look out for anything I could have found out! Just when I was bored and turned my head down, There it was again! Chin Chin Chin, I looked back nothing was there!

And now I was worried…Who the Heck is that? Then there was this movie “UNDERWORLD” playing at a channel, which is a movie about Vampires and Werewolves! I saw that, and could not sleep that night because of the CHIN CHIN CHIN again! But I somehow realized, once you heard it, it doesn’t come back! So I considered this Manjulika liked me very much and would do no harm to me and tried to fall asleep again!

Same pattern continued for days, and I grew very very less interested till one day didi came and asked me to watch! As impatient as ever I was not looking, and blaming her for tearing my physics book apart into two pieces( which ultimately saved me from the agony of reading one chapter). Then the noise was there again, and I realized it was nothing but a guy in the neighborhood who always came late from office and who had a Large Chain which he locks around his not-so-precious bike, out of immense love of the earthly possession! That chain Created the Chin Chin Chin noise, and I was sad because Manjulika did not like me anymore, rather Someone who liked me never really existed! 😦

Okay now if this is Lame to you, I blame this site, and I had nothing to do with this!!  😛

4 thoughts on “Para-Normal Activities

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