Temporary Leave

My pleasant and lazy days turned into utter unpleasant memories of hard work, with just 11 days left for my exam! I’ve never given Higher Secondary before (no I didn’t ever fail…ever) but I don’t feel nervous. I should feel nervous. But I don’t!  Probably when you have got nothing to loose you become fearless!

The pleasant tunes of Kathick calling Karthick is moving back and forth again and again! And my poetic essence just gets better and better! That’s a sad news! I don’t wanna be a poet. I want a girl and live a simple life, not a poet with some freaking pain which helps him keep going! I wanna be loved! So selfish of me! I know!

I wish I could control the goofiness. A girl called me up on my number, and I scared her off with the goofiness, so sad! I never wanted to talk to her anyway! Future planning Hello: Can’t waste money for just a no one!!

The song is playing!! “Uff teri Adaa” !  Hmm… I wonder What it feels like to get that close to a girl! Hey am just 17!  Don’t expect me to be the know it all guy for the girls!

Well…till exams come, I bid adieu. And dad is screaming again! What’s with those guys! I just got up! Its been 8 freakin hours, no one works more than that!

3 thoughts on “Temporary Leave

  1. @ dj Man! This Blog sucks big tym man! It Sucks me ryt into it even when I've got studies! :P@ sammy Just saw your blog! It Was SOOO Nice of you! And Some fresh things for the side Bar! šŸ˜€ Loved it! šŸ˜›

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