Why my blog doesn’t run well?

A blog with less comments is a amateur blogger’s paradise! Cause no one tells you to shut up. But this paradise is not soothing me! For I want to get noticed! Badly! That’s the truth, and I’m not too fond of hiding facts! 🙂

So as I wondered around and met people( potential bloggers too) I showed them my blog and asked why this place isn’t so happening like other places. And I got many answers! Some of them you wouldn’t believe! 😛

Free Advices:-

1. Dude, you are doing the whole thing wrong! And wassup with this black and white theme??? O_o Lame!!

2. No one wastes time to read bullshit! Get some material! (Like I should write about why the man, the one who gave the advice is a baldy!!)

3. You let your thoughts go Crazy! Be serious…stop that!

4. Wait some time man! You’ve just got started!!

Answers that Pissed Me OFF!! :-

1. By newton’s third law we know that every action has………………….So,there might be an answer……..for everything is related………….and it just might turn out to be………for the reason being……..

(Sorry Boss!! Please spare me… It’s my fault. I should have never asked you the question!!)

2. See, you need a total plan to get your site the best of traffics…and we provide you just that…with our monthly plan and a yearly plan of $$$$$

( All he was hearing was Cha-Ching and all I was thinking was “Ya ya you filthy money-sucker bastard! I’m never gonna give u a piece of my pocket!!”)

3.  How do you even manage to maintain a blog with this poor condition of your writing skills! Oh, kaise kaise din aa gaye!!! ( Like you bloody fool is a direct descendant of Shakespeare are you?? )

4. Name your blog “Nude pics and Bikini Babes” and your traffic jump starts! ( Damn you pervert!! )

Whacky Answers:-

1. Man! Stop thinking so much and lets get high!!

2. I tell you dude its a conspiracy of our Principal, he has something to do with this! Lets beat him up -By Back Bencher’s Association (BBA)

3.Yeah Right! And next you are gonna ask How many stars are there in the sky! Do you suppose I’d answer that too???

4. Aren’t you supposed to be in tuition right now?? ( Oops!! Sorry!! Got whacked this time!! :P)

5. Ah don’t worry little one! Everyone has a problem with the traffic! There must be a big road block somewhere!! 🙂

6. You are not old enough to run a blog!! ( Damn you too!! )

All this was just a reflection of one thing! I’m a damn fool to ask these people “Why my blog doesn’t run well?”

20 thoughts on “Why my blog doesn’t run well?

  1. Ha Ha your college comps I tell you there must be ghosts haunting the microprocessors! 😛 Anyways All thanx to you my blog is still getting comments! Cheers! Keep Tweeting! 🙂

  2. err…. "how are you start when you're 17? :/" <–what have you forgotten english after reading some of my posts??? Don't blame me!!! 😛 And wassup with the funny Ids popping up everyday?? O_o Funny u!! 😛

  3. Ha ha!! Its all bcoz of an empty blog! 🙂 I bribed the Indiblog Bosses!! 😛 :)Oh and I guess that was a typo!! I normally ignore them…but this looked like real!! LOL!

  4. Are who sees the comments anyways! Am just having sum fun at the moment! And no I thought we were replying with two comments each tym! 😛 And no I'm not being desperate! I soo don't wanna blog no more! The hype is gone!!

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