What’s up?

My headache was worse…..I cursed the saridon tablets.

My wake up time got shifted from 7 to 9…I barely see morning now. No new dawn’s light.

When I strum guitar now…I feel disturbed…as if every thing in this world is disturbing…

I think of Nirvana more often……specifically how he died!

I’ve started to like those effin freakin words..

Music doesn’t feel the same…OMG my music…my life…how lame! They are just empty words…they can’t change reality…

I feel less interested in anything that’s below a million bucks…..same goes for everything over a million bucks…

My unlimited sms just goes to waste….I hardly do 10 texts per day!

I have started to shout at my mom….just couldn’t control today.

I wish it was the chilly winter again…..

I can’t care less about people…..

I’m not thinking… I can’t even if I try…

I donno if the people I’m with are my friends or not….

I feel like I have high fever, my eyes try to shut down…

I’ve got no physical problems….except I got a cut while shaving…

I am not too eager to see tomorrow’s sunlight…

I just wish Today will come one more time…..


And some bloody a** is disturbing me with msgs…..


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