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What are studies? Reading and knowing about the subject you like! Isn’t it supposed to be like that? Well it isn’t here in India, at least in West Bengal.

Who am I? I am a science student in 12th standard with a PCM background! Now I love doing Math! Some of you may find this weird but I’m not joking around here. Some of you may know I’m also a mediocre Rhythm Guitarist whose talent got suppressed not for the lack of Talent but due to lack of time what he devoted to studies! Now I am also an intelligent learner, a quite interesting case in this field, I’d like to call myself creative and learn that way too; by making a formula like me, making up my own terms for reminding them! My own rules! This country doesn’t encourage it!

What’s so good about America or as a matter of fact some other foreign countries that their studies are project based! You have to do a project or something with a lot of details about the subject you are studying. This leads to two things
1. The freedom to make studies your own way, the creativity I was talking about. And
2. More time to have a life other than in the text books!

What Indian boards do, they introduce us to syllabuses which actually mentally abuses a creative mind! They’ll introduce you to formulas which you have to remember to get a sum done, not for applying in real life and information which you will have to be able to give out whenever asked without even knowing why you are doing this? Are we gonna use them when we die?

Now I know that a poor country like India can not afford such a modern kind of education system with projects and all since all the money is eaten up by fat butt politicians, but they still can introduce some private schools which encourages experimental studies and give away marks on projects. And wish this system of giving marks would have been allowed at boards too! I study at a private school, for which I have to pay 26000 at least a year more or less. I expect my freedom of learning!

Oh and those who are thinking of our practical exams, teachers encourage us only to copy the records and the exams lack encouragement, and obviously the scores given away( just 20 out of hundred) is not something a student would work hard for. A student will not want to know what is he doing with all the tools and the wires or colored chemicals when all he gets is 20. More over, many teachers from many schools( and I’ve heard of everywhere) give away marks like 18, 19 so easily without
bothering that the student only is interested to copy the darn records! That’s it! They got 18! What more do you want?

They do not encourage creativity, you suck if you can’t answer correctly. It doesn’t matter if you’ve raised an arguable point, its clean and simple. That is not what is written in the book!

Student suicides have risen up a lot in the past six years! read this —> SUICIDE

If not acted soon they’ll grow bigger, unless you are desperate for a decrease in population. Parents too are responsible! Some pretty sincere parents too only listen to the teachers in case of studies! Did you guys check out if your kid lacked inspiration or not? Why the hell he/she is hating the school books?

I can’t change the system alone! If this is what education is I’d rather go with Pink Floyd on this one -” We don’t need no Education!”

12 thoughts on “E-D-U-C-A-T-I-O-N

  1. Lol funny how you get all the marks for practicals. We're not allowed to attend our practicals without getting our records stamped from the college. And they don't stamp it till it's fully complete. :/And the education sucks more over here. The state board especially.I was in a school which had adopted e-learning tools and Educomp classes. They were nice! 🙂 We didn't have any 'real' exams till 8th std, so we actually learned stuff than just mugging it up.

  2. Give me at least 1 name of a school with educomp classes at West Bengal! Wish I had been to your school! The education sucks here too! And I bet big time suckers are here! They start English here from class 5! We were lucky enough to study at a so called reputed school which gave us the privilege of learning this foreign Language from 1st std.! But possibly very few schools do that!

  3. How would I know about West Bengal? 😛 NGHS is a nice school? As fas as I know? AND, english medium schools can't start teaching english in 5th std! :/ may be you're talking about bengali-medium schools?

  4. Hello there! Congrats for the Tangy Tuesday pick! Well I've been through it and pretty well understand the dismay! Unfortunately, one's abilities are measured only by one's marks sheet and that happens only in India! Though things are gradually changing, we sure have a long way to go! Of course thanks to movies like TZP and 3 Idiots that are trying to spread the message!

  5. our education system is based on how much one can mug up rather than do something innovative.Having said that, I don't think the education system alone is responsible for the student's death. People in the past too went through the same education system and are still making a living.One should realize that life has its up and down and simply taking one's life is not the way to put an end to it. One has to learn to cope with it.Encouraging creativity is the need of the hour, but for that to happen will take time…

  6. Oh they are making a living all right but you have to realize that that was past, their time is coming to an end and in the new age everybody's being creative. From ads to IT everyone has their creative sides attached these days! Mugging is IMPORTANT but not without a touch of yourself! And this is also the main reason why lots of students go to study abroad rather than studying here! Why should they do so if we have institutes like IIT and IIMs here! They do so cause they need a life beyond textbooks and more importantly more practical experience!

  7. It's shameful to see people needed a movie like 3 Idiots to finally realize that student suicides are on the rise in this country.I can very well see your point here-been there done that.Just a few days back I was wondering what my teenage years were like…and at that precise moment I realized I don't even remember 'cause thanks to the system I was too busy poring over books 24×7 and did NOT have a life then.It's only after getting into comp engg did I realize I don't like engineering at all.I was never given the opportunity to realize what I like.And that's how things are in our country.Anyway congrats on the pick!

  8. Thanks.Funny I wish to be a comp eng. But I donno if I'll get a chance yet!Am in 12th and need a lot of work to do! 😛 Well contrary to the post… I'm enjoying a teenage life but its leading me nowhere…due to al the mugging that requires to be done! And yet I'm finding hard to contribute my time to physics! Thnx again! hope to see u on the page again! 🙂

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