Spectator’s view

The best view you get is from a spectators eye, when you are not in action! You don’t do stuff, you watch! 🙂

Have you played call of duty? Yes, the video game? What is it with you guys that you hate video games soo much! <_<

Well if you are less interested then I can’t explain how good a spectator can be in multiplayer. When other people are killing themselves you log in as a spectator and know the positions of each soldier so you can finish them off while you log in as a soldier! Now how cool is that? Except my friends would beat me up if I did this while we play together! 😛

Last night I experienced two friends fighting over a girl! I was like come on be serious? The girl is probably cheating on you both! Or maybe she does not want any of you! 😛 (that’s the case I’m sure of)

But they never listen to you, they carried on leading to a temporary meltdown to their friendship! Dude, when are you gonna learn?

Now I’m not being wise but you can’t ignore a view from a third person when he’s being honest!

Anyways off to Kolkata Book Fair now! I’m sure I’d get lots of pics from the biggest book fair in Asia! 🙂 And amongst the crowd I am sure to find some more inspiration as I love weird people with weird approaches!

Peace out! \_/

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