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I am a real jealous person! You can’t be more jealous than I am. Oh yeah, I’m mean! Mean….meaner……meanest!

And no this post is not about me being mean, just added some extra info. Yes, you might expect this kind of b.s through out this post. Or should I just post is as 25 facts you don’t or might not know about me?? What the hell let’s do that(since I’ve got nothing better to do)!!!!

1. I hate you when you hit on my girl. So what if she’s my ex! I’d bury you for that! >:|

2. Don’t get me angry, I’m angrier than I look like.

3. I act as a fool in front of you because I don’t want to waste my intelligence on some fool like you!

4. I do things for a reason and some of them I don’t want to share!

5. Babe if you want me to share my personal matters with you first share yours!

6. Optimism is in my blood! I’m O positive! 🙂

7. Are you crying? Aww!! 😦 …. Now go home, shut the door and cry more! Who cares? It only makes you stronger! 🙂

8. See if you are trying to piss me off I’m too old a bird to be caught with chaff. So yeah carry on! Who wouldn’t like a little entertainment?

9. Uh uh, sorry girl your flirting skills are not working, if you are feeling cold at the movies, you must have brought a sweater! 😛

10. Mobile Phones = Wastage of Money = Less money to buy food = Unhealthy Living!

11. I love texting! I hardly call someone from my cell phone!

12. Call me psycho. You are just that but without a name!

13. My maths teacher is getting on my nerves!

14. I’m thinking about punching him in the face next time he tries to tell my mom something!

15. No mom, I’m not blogging. Just studying computer science. Or sociology ?? O_0

16. HBO and VH1 rules.

17. Someday I’d like to meet a guy who’ll tell my future and I’d ask him with a loaded gun…”abey tera future kya hai malum hai???” just like munna bhai!! ^_^

18. I’m all for Shahrukh for KKR and all up for Aamir at the movies and all up for Chetan Bhagat for stories! Hope Mr. Perfectionist wouldn’t mind! 😛

19. Are you bored?

20. Why are you yawning?

21. Why do I remember a teacher telling me ” Get out if you want to yawn in my class”? And I remember gladly following his orders! 😛

22. Is this thing too long? Seems so!

23. I should have put less things!

24. Dad should come home any moment now!

25. Blah! At least one thing should be meaningless!!!

See Ananya somehow I found 25 somethings too! 😛

Do comment and do follow this blog if you didn’t. I’m desperate to have more readers! 😦

7 thoughts on “Topic Starter

  1. me = trend setter xDloland your blog just started out, keep posting, and always write for yourself. People might/might not comment every time. There used to be a time when no one even knew that my blog existed 😛

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