The scum walks a prior viewer.

^^That’s what they tell you to do, they tell you to post a random sentence so that u can claim that this is you blog. How stupid can any1 be???? 😛

Anyways lately I’ve been too busy for blogging, you know…Saraswati puja and stuff……it might be a small reason to celebrate but you know a Bengali will celebrate even if there is no reason at all. 😛 Stupid people, Stupid me! 😉

oo leaving some pics of me and friends.. Do comment 🙂
And I’m not here… Just friends..

The Saraswati Idol @ our old school

The crowd that gathered at the campus… 🙂

😛 Sick guy! .. 😛

Don’t keep your mouth wide open in front of the camera! 😛

Wth dude! He’s eating something! 😛 🙂

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