Flames Fire And A Long Walk

My school is far away from home though on a normal day it takes only 45 minutes to 1 hour to come back home. But today was different,very different from the others! Let me share that experience.

Just when I was fooling around with my friends at the road outside of my school I noticed no buses were coming. I usually don’t go by the school bus! (consider myself too old for that) So today as I left the campus I was hardly going somewhere as there were no buses to be seen! I walked may be 1 km or whatever to a popular intersection from my school. Even the autos were not moving due to an ongoing strike.

When I finally caught a bus whose wheels were moving I could reach someplace near the usual train station I catch my train from there was another block at the roads Didi called up and told that there was fire at a slum near the station and the fire even came into the no 4 platform.The people in the slums were helpless. No body has seen this much fire in ages! All the birds that flew around burnt to death! All the buses and trains immediately stopped moving immediately!

And me being at least 50 km away from home all tired and hungry from a day of jumping like lunatics in school stood waiting! My stomach pained! My head asked me “DID YOU REALLY HAD TO COME TO SCHOOL????”.

Just then I saw a girl, beautiful as hell riding to a bus that goes towards airport. 🙂

Now, I can reach home from the airport and the place is closer from my home but if stranded again I didn’t know what I was gonna do!

Now perhaps I didn’t think this much, perhaps I did,but anyways I took the chance and followed the girl! 😛 Typical me! 😛

When I reached Airport my assumptions came true as the road was blocked there also! I had to walk! DO NOT CONSIDER this as a piece of cake! I walked at least 15 Km to come back home that took me a time of 3.30 hours and gave me the most horrible back home journey of my life!

Afterwards I had to go to tutions! Snored and dozed it off!

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