Dreams That Build a Life

Well this is all about me! Just a guy from a corner of the world! My corner, my version of life. There’s a lot to say about my life. Hope you find those interesting!

I still wonder what was God’s intention that he sent me to a middle class family and even if he/she did why did he/she gave me the dreams of being an elegant person. A person of classic tastes! And with a touch of new age to that! Not that I hate my mom and dad, I love them more than anything but not more than my elder sister, I just wish not to dream the same way my other so called friends around me dream to live a life like!

All they want is a suitable (if not a high pay) job that leaves them with loads of cash to spend around their wives and children and get a king size tummy!

I’m sorry but I think when they die! All they would get is a funeral speech! And some flowers!

But see I want to leave a mark! I don’t know how, not even if I can! But I want to! I somehow feel I am here to do something significant, something outrageous that no one has done before! Ah well that’s my thought… and the worst part is I’m still a middle class kid who is awake at 12 o clock at night writing this blog while his father is asking him to sleep!

Who am I kidding???

6 thoughts on “Dreams That Build a Life

  1. If you don't dream, they won't come true. Its not like everything you dream will come true, but if you don't dream, nothing will. :)And believe in yourself.:DNice start to the blog I'd say.Keep writing 😉

  2. hey man stumbled across your blog forgot from where :P.Even iam a middle class guy who feels exactly like you 🙂 but all you gotta remember is never deviate from what you think is right you might be battered bruised and ready to give up but dont.Thinking different and being different needs guts you have it stick with it 🙂

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